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Yongchun Bai He Quan Series-Qian Zi Da - (WM8L)

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Yongchun Bai He Quan Series-Qian Zi Da : Qian Zi Da (?????Trace Movement) is a continual attack after straightly tracing. It??s from the word ?????, left-falling stroke, horizontal stroke, vertical stroke, attack after these three steps. Dodge and attack from the left, the middle, the right, these three doors, with snap, kick, heel kick, stroke, bump, these leg and knee techniques, and rush, snap, knock, catch, pick, and press, these hand forms. Search and hit from the middle door, with the upper section, the middle section, and the lower section horse stance. So it is called ?????Trace Movement. In this routine, it moves up and down, dodge, jump and shift, short but extractive, with the hand, the leg, the knee and the elbow together, attacking while breaking, stretching, and agile, wonderful techniques, view.