Yong Chun Quan---Huang Feihong Nan Quan - (WM0Q)

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Yong Chun Quan---Huang Feihong Nan Quan : Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, English Audio: Chinese (44 minutes 1 DVD All Region) Yongchun Quan is one of traditional routines in south wushu. As it is said, it was created by Master Wumei fro South Shaolin. He specially set it up for his excellent student Yongchun. It is a kind of boxing skill, which is still favorite exercise for the Wushu lovers all around the world. Yongchun Quan has been handed down in Foshan for ages and has produced many excellent master on it. Ye Wen and Bruce Lee ,too, were from Shunde, Foshan , and had a great contribution on promoting Wushu. The skill characteristics of Yongchun Quan are: The are should be bent and stay at the middle, to defend the important parts of the body. It bases itself upon actual combat, with major characteristics of changeable forms, agility in use, and short strength. It enables the boxer to grasp chances to beat back. The fists go out at an impressive speed. It is practiced with both strong and soft strength and at a fast speed alternate with a slow speed.