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Xingyi Eight-form Boxing - (WM13)

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Xingyi Eight-form Boxing : (55minutes 1 DVD) Literature has eight arts of composition and wushu has eight forms. Xingyi Eight-form Boxing is a traditional routine, which is spread the most widely in the country. It is dapper with only seventeen forms totally. In term of moves, the whole routine not only includes the entire content of Chop (Pi), Drill (Zuan), Snap (Beng), Cannon (Pao) and Crosscut (Heng) in Xingyi Five-element Boxing (Xingyi Wuxing Quan), but also adds the moves of horse-style, cock style, crane ???style, the fights of tiger against dragon and so on. Rountine exercise should emphasize on the force applying of eight forms; the body work of backing before advancing , to right before to left and saving before applying; the fullness, firmness and integrity of strength applying.