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Wushu Exercise for Life Enhancement (Chinese Wushu Series) - (WR0G)

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Wushu Exercise for Life Enhancement (Chinese Wushu Series) : WUSHU exercise for life enhancement, also called Wushu Qigong or internal Wushu exercise, is a unique system for improving the internal conditions of the human body, thus benefiting the body and the mind and leading to a longer life. Physical combat and health promotion are the two essential aspects of Chinese Wushu. However, the latter is often neglected, stress being laid on the improvement of the muscles, the bones and the skin rather than the essence, the vital energy and the spirit. This book gives a systematic and concise introduction to Chinese Wushu, describing its basic principles and major schools as well as providing detailed instructions on how to practise it. In addition, the author has selected several basic exercises and classic routines, which are well-coordinated, precise and easy to learn and practise.According to the tradition of Chinese Wushu, "Learning the basic exercise goes before learning fist forms." "One who learns fist forms without practising the basic exercise will attain nothing in his lifetime." This book will help Wushu enthusiasts at home and abroad to grasp the essence of Chinese Wushu for health building and improvement of the body's inner strength. It will therefore help them fully understand and practise with. success Wushu exercise for life enhancement.