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麦家 : 暗算 精装 (WBKX)

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习总书记赞誉:我看过你的《暗算》《风声》,你是谍战剧第一人。麦家代表作精装典藏版,最好读的茅盾文学奖作品,苏童、阿来、王安忆倾情推荐!In such a particular place, they have their codes instead of names. The special unit 701 is an unknown unit, an invisible battle line, with a group of people of quite strangeness. Their indistinct identity arouse the speechless secret and mystery of Chinese revolution. They are willing to keep secret of what they do and all they know about. However, the nation knows how they rewrite history in a moment and how they create a brand new history with their intelligence and faith to found the country..