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古龙精品集(朗声插画版)-情人箭(全三册) (WBKP)

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只见一张鲜红的纸柬,飘飘飞来,他伸手一抄,凝目望去,帖上一无字迹,只画得一具狰狞的骷髅。帖是鲜红,骷髅漆黑,但骷髅的两个眼眶,却是惨碧颜色。一剎 那之间,除了这双惨碧的眼睛,他似乎什么都看不到了。而就在这刻,一红一黑两枝短箭已并蒂而至,无声无息地刺入了他心里。
全书高潮迭起,奇正难测,是古龙诸作中最悬疑诡秘的代表巨作。This book includes many innovative prototype such as Mr. Landa and his fight with Man-in-yellow, Mr. Landa using his big iron hammer(extreme hard thing), and Man-in-yellow fighting back with his silk belt(extreme soft thing). Since it is a fight between aces, the arms are not limited at all. This prototype was fully developed in The Embroidery Bandit. This book created a horrible and suspense atmosphere with a big plot hidden behind. And the using of this prototype reached its peak in The Sword and the Exquisiteness. As to Fang Yi and Fang Xin who are known as ""cunning father and son"", they can be seen as the prototypes of Jiang Biehe and Jiang Yulang in Handsome Siblings.