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受活 平装 (WBHM)

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The book is about a fictional village of Shouhuozhuang, which remained aloof and little-known by the world. All the villagers were born in disabled and treated the healthy persons as alternatives. The hero Magistrate Liu would like to buy Lenin's body with large funds to develop the tourism economy. During the process, Magistrate Liu found Shouhuozhuang pleasantly and surprise. Then, the village composed by disabilities started their no-return journey towards the external world: the villagers established Unique Skill Group under the leadership of Liu magistrate, which became popular in the radius of several hundred miles. 《受活》编辑推荐:中国的“百年孤独”——中国当代最富想象力,最伟大的作品之一。第三届老舍文学奖优秀长篇小说唯一获讲作品。茅枝婆“绝术团”“列宁遗 体”“纪念堂”……独特的“阎连科式荒诞美学”奔涌的想象力,独特的语言方式,汪洋恣肆的书写中,共赴一场语言的狂欢盛宴!