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Training of Shoulder-hand, Foot,Elbow and Knee Technique - (WM5G)

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Training of Shoulder-hand, Foot,Elbow and Knee Technique : Shoulder-hand Technique utilized structure of the body, it practiced with theory of the midline and angle, direction and turn with apply force??It demands to exert some boxing techniques of softness overcomes hardness, attacking and defense, applying and destroy force, or counterattacking. Foot technique is a kind of defense and attacking skill with using soles. It defends the opponent attacks with feet, and counterattacks with tiger-tail foot after dodge him. It practises lower-section technique, speed of spring out feet, position of apply force, measure, nicety degree of force point and other trainings. Elbow and Knee technique routines manage waist and horse stance to exert power of knee and elbow, and combines with foot technique and feet technique. Elbow and Knee technique can take final effect in combat after it manages proficiently.