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Traditional Xingyi Twelve-style Quan - (WM21)

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Traditional Xingyi Twelve-style Quan : Xingyi Twelve-style Quan is imitated from the living style and fighting form of 12 animals, including dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, crocodile, cock, swallow, sparrow hawk, snake, Falcon, eagle and bear. Adding more hand techniques body techniques leg techniques and footwork makes it rich and powerful. It aims at improve people's health, change their mettle and enhance longevity, practice different energy and improve actual combat.Xingyi Twelve-style Quan derived from Xinyi Quan (Xinyi Liuhe Quan) with 10 big forms as dragon monkey, horse, cock, swallow, sparrow hawk, snake, eagle and bear. It was passed down by Dai Longbang. The originator of Xingyi Quan, Li Luoneng added crocodile style and Falcon style to create Xingyi Quan and made it like Xinyi Quan. But they are different in many theories and Xingyi Quan is more complete in combat skills.