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Traditional Local Food ( Chinese/English translation) - (WQ0Q)

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Traditional Local Food ( Chinese/English translation) : Paperback: 63pagesPublisher: Hanxiang CultureLanguage: English, ChineseISBN: 9789867229465Product Dimensions: 10.1 x8.25 x 0.2 inchesAuthor: Guo YingchunContent: 1. Crispy Oyster 2. Crispy Sparerib Soup 3. Stew Chicken Soup 4. Cuttlefish Chicken soup 5. Fish Paste Snacks 6. Sticky Rice Sausage 7. Smoke Shark 8. Stew Eel Potage 9. Steamed Rice Flour Cakes 10. Five-Spicy Rice Dumpling 11. Canned0Glutionus Rice 12. Sour and Spicy Soup 13. Stew Ribs with Herbs. 14. Oyster Omelette 15. Duck with Pickle 16. Fried Salty Chicken 17. Milkfish Maw Soup 18. Four-Herbal Soup 19. Minced Meat Rice etc..