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Tomb-sweeping Day (DVD w/Eng subtitle)(WX0W)

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Tomb-sweeping Day (DVD w/Eng subtitle) : Tomb-sweeping Day comes on the fifth day of April by solar calendar. As one of the twenty-four solar terms as well as an unique traditional Chinese festival, it is the most important time to worship ancestors.According to old practice, sweeping the tomb goes like this. People worship their dead by offering sacrifice such as wine, fruit, meat and other food in front of the tombs of the dead. They would burn ghost money and firecrackers. The worshippers would cover the graves with new clay and plant some new twigs on or around the graves. Then they will pay salute to the dead by kowtowing. After eating up all the sacrificial food they would return home.In addition to tomb-sweeping, rich custom also covers sports like having an outing, swinging, tug-of-war, kicking the ball, kites flying and planting willow twigs.