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简化字源 (简体书)The Origins of Simplified Chinese Characters (Chinese only - NO English) 平装 (W000)

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《简化字源》主要内容:Since the promulgation of“The Scheme of Simplified Chinese Characters”in l 956.the simplified Chinese characters have been used widely,not only in mainland China.but abroad as well.However.there iS a common misconception about the simplified character.Some people believed that it was merely the result of the reform of the Chinese writing system made during the '50s.
The truth,as the author of this book has discovered in his research.iS that the process of character simplification has been going on since ancient time.Carefully examining eltant relics and other historicaI records,the author has proven that this process of simplifying Chinese characters iS one that has been common practice tor many many generations
We hope the publication of this book wilI help to achieve beEer understanding and wilI result in increased study and application of simplified Chinese characer, and clear up the miscOnceDtiOn of some people as well.