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Sun-style Xingyi Qi Qiang (WME3)

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The characteristics of Xingyi Qi Qiang (Rare Spear): Qi Qiang is one of the excellent Wushu weapon routines, which was introduced to Tangshan from Sun Shi Men (Sun-style Wushu School) in Baoding, Hebei. Its theory is similar with Xingyi Quan, also called Xingyi Zhuan Huan Qi Qiang. When practicing, you need to stick the spear to the body, with neat movement, and entire strength, many changes. The routine is continual, the spear technique is changing all the time. Move with the spirit, energy and strength together, very fearfully. Turn over up and down, straightly come and go. Twine, grab, snap, hook, chop, parry, smash, cover, drill, wrap, stir, and prick, fearful techniques. Practice frequently, it can strengthen your Kungfu.