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Sun-style Xingyi Ba Shi Quan Actual Combat (WME4)

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Xingyi Ba Shi (Eight Postures) is based on the Five-element Xingyi Quan and Twelve-style Boxing. The theory of Ba Shi Quan is the same as Five-element Boxing and Twelve-style Boxing. That is, taking the meaning from the image, keeping the body stable and upright, with softness in hardness, combining the inside and outside, sinking the strength down and keeping it in a whole, neat and clear, agile and general.

For practicing, Xingyi Ba Shi, there are some needs from the body: folding the chest, lowering the waist, relaxing the shoulder, dropping the elbows, pressing the wrist, stretching the palm, drawing the hips in, turning the knees in, keeping the feet stable, these ten basic requests. The practicers must try to avoid such points, being angry, and rough strength, straightening the chest and raising the abdomen. The practicers should practice San Ti Shi before he practice Xingyi Ba Shi. Every boxing starts from San Ti Shi, though there are many changes, it can be apart from San Ti Shi.