Smiling Proudly: Songs played Hulusi + Xun (An Ancient Egg-shaped, Holed wind instrument) - (WYLF)

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Smiling Proudly: Songs played Hulusi + Xun (An Ancient Egg-shaped, Holed wind instrument) : 01. Hello is always in the world of the Eagle shooting heroes theme song You are the best in the world 3`30``Lakes, many Heroes fight for the throne. Find a true hero in battle each other, find true love people. Higher than the mountain, log over gold. Looking back, I was feeling the world is always you.02. it is hoped that the theme song of this big long Hope 3`05``A warm current from the emission, firm, persistent belief, those reported by hope in the long.03. sad Pacific theme song of the new gods carved heroic lovers Sad Pacific Ocean 3`54``Young and crazy, it is worth to wait for a lifetime. Vows of love, rock-solid, defends the lives, thoughts flood tumbling, sad, buried deep in the Pacific Ocean.04. the smile of the Swordsman with a sea theme song a laughter from the seas 4`43``Geological history and long laughing with a lift up at sky, wandering. T ' A KO, fame, gain and loss in my cloud. As a recluse with no fixed abode on top of you.05. beach theme Shanghai beach of the beach 4`06``Course, Johnnie, and success, and when set off thousands of waves in my heart. Seaman dares to pedal in the era of crests, to beat up changes on the laughter.06. the three of clubs of the plum blossom theme song Dally of the fate of the three 3`31``With a worried frown, love stamped THE GIRL, love gave off the fragrance of love. Ask why in the world, teach about life and death.07. A Moment of Romance with the credits song of The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain If sky have love 3`47``Fall silent with each other, life together. Marvel youth short and helpless. A Moment of Romance, day old. Harriet Craig, just near dusk.