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Shin: Barbed Butterfly (2CD) [set] - (WY9T)

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Shin: Barbed Butterfly (2CD) [set] : DISC ONE01 From now on02 provocation03 Butterfly barbed04 bragging05 from the song06 end of the world07 after dawn to break up08 dead must be love09 will not disappear at night10 immigrants Mars11 would like your night12 deserveDISC TWO01 if (Jin Yong's Heroes ON LINE2.0 advertising theme song)02 Osmanthus Alley03 Qiannianzhilian04 Pandora's Box05 once and for all06 brighterI live 0708 hopelessly fall in love with you09 dawn10 FALLEN ANGEL (Addict lemon vodka ad theme song)11 broken thoughts12 coachman Love13 the night without you14 because of you