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Qiao's Grand Courtyard (English subtitle, 8 DVDs)(WX13)

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Qiao's Grand Courtyard (English subtitle, 8 DVDs) : Starring: Chen Jianbin Director: Hu Mei Language: Chinese Translation: Chinese and English Medium: 8 DVD This was a heroic story in business circles. Businessman Qiao Zhiyong, living through late Qing Dynasty in his lifetime, was the third generation boss of business family-Qiao of Qiaojiabao in Qi County, Shanxi Province. Through the platform of the Qiao's business, he was aiming at saving people and enriching the country through business. During the realization of his tremendous dream to cover the goods all over the country and unify the currency, there occurred a life-long and complicated battle between businessmen and businessmen, businessmen and families, businessmen and nobles, businessmen and the court, even the businessmen and bandits, and businessmen and the Peace Army and the Assembles.