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Pipa - The grace of Traditional Chinese Music - (WY2L)

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Pipa - The grace of Traditional Chinese Music : Disc 1 : 1. Ambush on all sides 2. Playing xiao and drum under the setting sun 3. Fishman's song on dusky river 4. An ancient melody from Yingzhou 5. The high mountain and the flowing water 6. Lofty mountain and flowing water 7. Song at the frontier 8. The complaining queen in Changmen Palace 9. Little gauze dress 10. Pine and cypress trees in whining snowDisc 2: 1. Spring river on moonlit night 2. White snow in sunny spring 3. Lady Zhao Jun bidding farewell over the frontier 4. Conqueror Xiangyu takes off his armor 5. Great waves sweeping away sand 6. Jackdaws are playing in Winter water 8. Upon the dance and song 9. Swan 10. "San Liu" tune