Panjiayuan (French Edition) - (WC1U)

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Panjiayuan (French Edition) : language: French. Beijing's Panjiayuan Market is China's largest garden of treasures.Here you will find calligraphy and paintings?jade works ?bronze wares?porcelain?furniture?antiquarian books?folk jewelry and other old items of every conceivable type?every one saturated with Chinese culture.Foreign and native visitors alike congregate hereevery weekend.Buying and selling alike?the market does a roaring trade?making it"the"place to go for buying andauthenticating antiques for collection. This album is an introduction to Panjiayuan?including what it is like?how it operates?its major goods?common sense in authentication and how to bargain.And there's a tale or two of collectors who came to Panjiayuan and struckgold...