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Just Like You - English-Chinese Edition - (WL9P)

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Just Like You - English-Chinese Edition : As the sun begins to set one night, Little Mouse and his mama make their way home, past rabbits and frogs and foxes, all settling down for the night. Each parent has a promise for his or her baby. Mama Bird will "fly across the skies, as high as the clouds, to find the finest food" for her chicks. Papa Fox, playing with his cubs, promises to "run as far and as fast as ever I can and be clever and quick and cunning to keep you safe from harm." As they pass each sleepy family, Little Mouse wonders at how special the babies must be to warrant this kind of love from their parents. By the time he and his mama reach home, he has a big question for her. "Mama, what can you do for me? You're only a little mouse. You can't fly, or jump high, or dig or dive.... Am I not as special as those other babies, then?" His mother's answer is as reassuring and unique as any mother's would be, to the immense satisfaction of every young reader. Ages 4-8. Simplified Chinese characters and English.