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House of Flying Daggers (Chn/Eng Subtitle)(WXB1)

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《十面埋伏》讲述唐大中十三年,皇帝昏庸,朝廷腐败,民间涌现不少反官府的组织,其中以飞刀门的势力*大。飞刀门旗下高手如云,以“杀富济贫、推翻朝廷” 为旗号,甚得百姓拥戴。飞刀门总部设在靠近都城长安的奉天县境内,直接威胁长安的安全,朝廷深以为患,逐严令奉天县加以剿灭。飞刀门帮主柳云飞虽在与奉天 县官兵的战斗中牺牲,但在新任帮主领导之下,飞刀门的势头不减反增。奉天县两大捕头,刘捕头、金捕头奉命于10日之内,将飞刀门新任帮主缉拿归案。刘捕头 怀疑新店牡丹坊的舞妓小妹(章子怡)是飞刀门前帮主柳云飞的女儿,于是用计将她拿下,押入天牢,两人并再度设下圈套,由金捕头化名随风大侠,乘夜劫狱,救 出小妹,藉此骗取小妹的信任,查出飞刀门的巢穴,以便一举剿灭。
逃亡路上,随风对小妹呵护备至,小妹不禁对他渐生情愫,然而林外,罡风凛冽,隐隐杀机正悄悄地向他们进逼……在漫天的雪花飞舞之中,官府与飞刀门都亮出底牌,惊天动地的雪中大战开始,人心深处,总埋伏着深不可测的阴谋…… House of Flying Daggers (Chn/Eng Subtitle) : The film is set in 859 AD. The once great Tang Dynasty is now in decline. Numerous rebel groups have formed, the largest of which is the House of Flying Daggers, based in Feng Tian county. The Flying Daggers steal from the rich and give to the poor, gaining the support of the locals. The local deputies have managed to kill the leader of the Flying Daggers, but the rebel group only becomes stronger, due to a mysterious new leader. Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and Liu (Andy Lau), two police captains, are ordered to kill the new leader within ten days. In order to accomplish this, they arrest Mei (Zhang Ziyi), a blind dancer who is suspected of being the daughter of the old leader of the Flying Daggers. While Mei is incarcerated, Jin and Liu decide to let her go to track the mastermind; Jin will pretend to be a lone warrior called Wind, and break her out of prison. This will gain her trust, and hopefully, Jin will be led to the headquarters of Flying Daggers. The plan works, but Mei and Jin fall in love on the way. They are followed at a distance by Liu; Jin and Liu meet secretly to discuss their plans. Jin jokes about his seduction of the girl; Liu warns him sternly against getting involved. To add authenticity to the deception, Liu and his men ambush the pair: the fight is, however, a fake. Further on, they are attacked again, but this time their assailants are apparently for real: Jin and Mei battle for their lives, being saved only by the intervention of an unseen knife-thrower. Furious, Jin confronts Liu: Liu explains that he has reported the matter up the chain of command and his general has taken over the pursuit. Jin realizes that he is now expendable...