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Health Qigong: 12-Routine Exercises (Book + CD) - (WR0N)

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Health Qigong: 12-Routine Exercises (Book + CD) : Health Qigong - 12-Routine Exercises is a new exercise regimen developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. This new compilation of movements synthesizes the essence of different schools of the original exercise and puts more emphasis on the movements of the neck, shoulders, waist and legs. This is a sitting-posture regimen that involves systematic exercise of the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, arms, legs, chest and abdomen one after another. It has graceful movements and smooth links which are safe, reliable, easy to learn, and suitable for various kinds of qigong enthusiasts. Qigong practice offers disease-preventing, body-building, and life.-prolonging effects.