Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chn/Eng) 中医妇科学 平装 (WH20)

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Language English &Chinese , Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one book in the series of Chinese-English Course Books for International Students of Schools of TCM in China, has been compiled abiding by the requirements of the Compiling-Editing Committee of the Bilingual Course Books of the 'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' of the Ministry of Health, P.R.C. Gynecology of TCM is a clinical science expatiating the etiology, pathogenesis, and rules of prevention and treatment of female's diseases by using the basic theories and techniques of TCM. In this course book, we stress the principles of Three Basics (basic theory, basic knowledge and basic techniques), Five Features (ideological, scientific, advanced, enlightening and applicable) and Three Specials (special students, special requirements and special limits), and pay special attention to the educational objectives and learning characteristics of the international students to China.


    中医妇科学是运用中医学基本理论与 方法,研究和阐述妇科疾病病因病机、防治规律的一门临床学科。本教材的编写根据“全国高等中医药院校来华留学生卫生部‘十一五’规划汉英双语教材编审委员 会”的编写要求,本着突出三基(基本理论、基本知识、基本技能)、五性(思想性、科学性、先进性、启发性、适用性)、三特定(特定对象、特定要求、特定限 制)的基本原则,针对来华留学生的培养目标和教学特点编写而成。