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Guzheng (Zither): Wong Chongyuan - (WYK0)

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Guzheng (Zither): Wong Chongyuan : 01 Guang LinsanAspirations sad beats Eastern Han dynasty ancient music in tribute to the four parts of the ancient people of the resistance02 high mountain flowing waterZhejiang famous zither song full song high mountain and flowing water, one of two most towering Alpine mountain boss echo Creek water falls directly under each of the four sites has characteristics of "sound art"03 junkAncient Chinese marching music part five of gujiao General command of soldiers of the grandiose detachment disease fight hard sand soup victory back to camp04 cold duck playingChaozhou string music is one of the top ten music of the heavy six speed light, fresh and unique expression the cold elegance of frolicking in the water taste05 boudoirPainted live in seclusion in the boudoir female plaintive mood as clouds in the Southern dynasties Liu Lingxian poem: spring women's apartment for further hidden bitterness deep Tan06-clubs threeAlso known as the plum jade consort music show of the aoshuang cleanness of clubs outstanding temperament and now plays a slightly abridgedJuly highBeautiful sublime jumping one of the famous ancient music of Zhejiang Zheng painted moon rise slowly to the rhythm of the Hao hao dance high above in the sky08 TyphoonDescription Shanghai dockers and typhoons beat mental image of magnificent music and intense scenes of stark09 Qing Hai SwanMain track to one of Zhejiang Zheng Qing Hai (sculpture), Xiang Yun Swan and Swan lost visual performance reflects rich Mongolian multipolar hunting10 water LotusThe Hakka traditional Zheng music also known as: zhongzhou ancient Lotus without dye wash out sludge qinglian not demon spirit song melody beautiful and elegant with Central Plains style11 small nichangOne of Zhejiang Zheng music to rhythm of the beautiful and lively happy to draw a picture of rays spill color lyric of the song dancing pictures12 Butterfly13 meditation in autumn