Guzheng: Zither Sentiment (2 CDs) - (WY0N)

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Guzheng: Zither Sentiment (2 CDs) : Disc 1: 1. Modern Love Story2. Shall I Leave in Quiet3. Cold Patio4. Feeling of the Pieces of Maple Leaf5. Season of the Wind 6. Predestined Affinity in the Other Life7. Yearning in Rain and Wind 8. A No Change Heart9. Shy Rose is Blooming in Quiet 10. The Way With Wind And Rain11. Nanhai Girls12. Separated Worlds Apart13. The Star of Yesterday Night14. Charming Tango15. The moon represents My Hear16. DinvDisc 2:1. The Butterfly Lovers 2. Contemplation of the Butterfly3. The Butterfly Lovers( slower version)4. The Three Movement of Plum Blossom Tune5. Fishing Boat in the Sunset6. The Chime of a Temple7. The water Lilies8. The Mountain and Flowing Water9. Liuqing Niang10. The Grievance of Zhaojun11. Autumn Moon in Han River12. Swallow Fly Over