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Guzheng legend (2 CDs) - (WYCX)

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Guzheng legend (2 CDs) : One01 Boats02 Typhoon combat03 Jackdaws playing in the water04 Clouds and Flowing Water05 Moon Palace06 Night Rain banana window07 Mountain and Flowing Water08 water lilies09 Pinghuqiuyue10 Plum Blossom11 Lamentations of Lady Zhaojun12 Qin Sang Song13 Batangas14 Guanglingsan15 Temple BellII01 Butterfly02 ussuri chanty03 Night on the Grassland04 Drawn Brows05 a channel water to a Mountain Road06 curved moon07 border of the clear water and pure08 light bowl flowering09 farewell10 embroidered JinbianFebruary to 11 years12 Mu Yangqu13 I would only Xiaoyan14 songs of joy fly out of the waves15 mountain leaves like pink clouds