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Guzheng - Flavor of Classical Chinese Music - (WY2Q)

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Guzheng - Flavor of Classical Chinese Music : Disc 1: 1. Music from guangling 2. The moon is high in the sky 3. Lotus flowers appear over water 4. A short song of the rainbow colored garment 5. Butterfly sentimentally attached flower 6. General's order 7. Lament of Zhao-jun 8. Qing-san tune 9. A fisher girl's song 10. The lady complains her husband's absence 11. Gloomy mood of Autumn 12. Wild goose huntingDisc 2: 1. High mountains and running rivers 2. The Autumn moon over the Nan palace 3. Three re-framing of a plum flower song 4. Lady Wenji returned to Han dynasty 5. A fishing boar song at dusk 6. Autumn moon on a placid lake 7. Natural and smooth 8. The raining night on the banana plantation 9. Crows play in Winter water 10. Bell in the temple 11. Moonlight of spring water 12. A vulture pounded on the swan