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Guqin Master : Chinese Folk Music Collection Series - (WYA5)

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Guqin Master : Chinese Folk Music Collection Series : 01 Lament, according to the "magic secret spectrum" Guan Pinghu perform02 spring, according to the "loose strings Hall sheet music", "Big House also sheet music" playing together participants Wu Jinglue03 Liquormania According to the "magic secret spectrum" Yao Bingyan play04 Beautiful Night citing "five known vegetarian sheet music" playing fast Pu snow05 water, according to "Heaven House sheet music heard," Guan Pinghu perform06 According to Dongting Qiu Si "piano book Filmography" Zha Fuxi playMemory 07 according to the enemy, "published this Yu Qin," Wu Jinglue playAccording to late 08 drunk singing fish "Lizi Zhao Chuan spectrum" Wei Zhong orchestra09 Wei compiled Ruin It "transcript sheet music" playing music Ying10 generations, according to Tan. "Jane spectral piano learning books," Altom Yang play11 Meihuasannong According to the "banana Um sheet music" playing Zhang Ziqian