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Essential Series of Sha Guozheng's Xingyi and Bagua--Eight Diagrams Palm (WMDQ)

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Baguazhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) will be performed as the swimming dragon and flying Phoenix, which is famous around Wulin for its beautiful technique of Quan and the exercising function. The method of Kungfu is to change the weakness to force, ward off the solid and beat the empty, win with flexibility. Eight Diagrams Palm is with stable pose and neat, flexible movement.Jiang-style Eight Diagrams Palm of is extending, soft, fluent and the movement is moderate, easy to learn and practice. The whole body, the arthrosis and the muscle will be effectively exercised. It fits for man and woman, elder and youths and has special effect on health. It抯 also the most popular Eight Diagrams Palm in and outside our nation. It contains 36 forms of the technique of palm and 12 forms of technique of leg which provides the learners of numerous techniques.