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Erhu - Favor of Classical Chinese Music (2 CDs) - (WY2G)

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Erhu - Favor of Classical Chinese Music (2 CDs) : Disc 1: 1. Water of rivers and lakes 2. Three refrains on a song of Yangguan 3. The moon is mirrored in the "second fountain" 4. The Autumn moon over the nan palace 5. Sorrow of lady Zhao-jun 6. Little orchid 7. The butterfly lovers 8. Plum blossom melody 9. Flickering light of a candle 10. Autumn in grief 11. Listen the soughing of pines 12. At moon night 13. Thunder in droughtDisc 2: In the grassland 2. Horse racing 3. Birds singing in quiet valley 4. Song of sickliness 5. Night thoughts 6. Singing in idle house 7. Wonderful night 8. Marching to the brightness 9. Music on a single string 10. A tune of Su-Nan region 11. Medium fancy six beat 12. Sad melody 13. The big river tides up the sands