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Erhu - Classics Erhu (3 Audio CDs) - (WY3C)

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Erhu - Classics Erhu (3 Audio CDs) : DISC 1 Qin Fu01 op02 empty mountains, birds03 Racing04 Yin disease05 single-stringed operation06 Yangguansandie07 Southern ballad08 river water09 homebound Yin10 pines11 Moonlight12 Zhuyingyaohong13 Beautiful Night14 bright line15 ElegyDISC 2 Min Huifen01 river water02 Yangguansandie03 people wish Honghu04 Erhu Ballade "Newly-weds"05 Erhu Concerto "Great Wall Capriccio"DISC 3 Ji Fang Ming01 people in the End of the World02 Butterfly03 Aobaoxiangkuai04 Potala Palace05 catch on a trip06 really miss you07 Plum Blossom08 Long Wall09 Fun with hiYou are a good 1011 Himalaya12 of the motherland is my home