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Erhu: Amorous String (2 CDs) (import) - (WYLN)

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Erhu: Amorous String (2 CDs) (import) : ???A???01 ???????????? If The Sky Has Feeling02 ????????????????????? Recollecting In The Raining Day03 ???????????? The Night Of Thinking You04 ???????????? Love Story05 ?????????????????????? How Can I Leave You06 ??????????????? Go Away In The Star Night07 ?????? Wind In The Night08 ????????? Endness Of Love09 ??????????????? Tears Of The Lover10 ??????????????? Only The Love Forever11 ???????????????????????? Are You Say Sorry Now12 ???????????? The Sun Down In The West13 ??????????????? Serenade Of THe Green Island14 ???????? Yearn15 ?????????????????? My Love Is Know No Bounds16 ?????????????????????????????? I Think You Don't Love Me???B???01 ???????????????????????? Beautiful Grassland is My Home02 ???????????? Meet In Aobao03 ???????????? Grassland Night04 ?????????????????????????? Why The Flower Is Red05 ?????????????????? Follow The Moon06 ???????????? Shepherd Girl07 ??????????????????????????? The Sun Arise In The Grassland08 ????????????????? The Graceful Scenes Of Blood09 ?????????????????????????? Red Flower On THe Mountain10 ??????????????? Full Moon11 ????????????????????? Half Moon Is Climbing12 ?????????????????? Knoll Looks Like Golden Vase13 ????????? Embroider Wallet14 ??????????????? Yimeng Mountain Madrigal15 ????????????????????????????? In The Place The Peach Blossoms Are Out16 ??????????????? Do You Know