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中国药膳春季篇 (DVD) Chinese Medicinal Food in Spring - (WXUQ)

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《中国药膳春季篇》由中药之乡四川的著名药膳专家孙蓉灿主讲并示范,内容包括春、夏、秋、冬四季滋补和强身健体、延年益寿、养颜美焀、滋 阴壮阳等篇目共48道药膳之历史典故、原理功效、选料配方、烹饪方法等。中国的医学、药学源远流长,久负盛名。而根据阴阳五行之术,集中医、中药学原理和中国膳食为一体的中国药膳,更堪称一绝。

01 菟丝肝豪汤
02 白芍鱼羹
03 首乌鸡蛋
04 紫蒄牛肉
05 淮杞乳鸽
06 金钱草汤
07 枸杞凤丝
08 香椿鸡柳
09 天麻鲤鱼
10 五味黄瓜
11 野油菜蝦羹
12 川芎肘Chinese Medicinal Food in Spring : (1 DVD 43minutes, all region, with Chinese & English Subtitles) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy boast of a long history and enjoy perpetual fame. And Chinese medicinal food integrated with Chinese medicine and Chinese food based on the theory of Yin and Yang as well as the Five Elements enjoys the most fame.Content:1.Soup of Dodder and Liver Fat 2.Decoction of White Peony Root and Fish 3.Medicated Egg with Radix Polygoni Multiflori 4.Zikou with Beef 5.Decoction of Yam, Medlar and Young Pigeon 6.Decocotion of Christina Loosestrife Herb 7.Fruit of Wolfberry with Shedded Chicken 8.Shredded Chicken with Toona Sinensis 9.Stewed Cyprinoid with Gastrodia Elata 10.Schisandra Chinese with Cumumber 11.Decoction of Wild Cole and Shimp 12.Hog Hoof With Chuangxion.