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Dizi & Xiao - (WY3M)

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Dizi & Xiao : 01 Red Dust Red Dust in a chance encounter, is a deliberate arrangement of God, perhaps unfinished edge past life, present to again later. Decades of the dead, and his fate is the love-hate struggle. 02 As Time Goes By Who stumble bumper rush, has forward and backwards empty. There you have my enthusiastic Yousheng have died along with the day justice will cherish, cherish your love life is short. 03 Yesterday Once More Time-clock ticking, the accumulation of memory bit by bit. There are some things worth a lifetime treasure, some people should I, waiting. With melodious melody, let us regain good memories of yesterday ... ... 042 002 years of first snow In the next season a miss every now and then the snow, like your lips stick to my all, I like your thoughtful warm again, like snow melting tenderness million species you are leaving your sweet talk I regret and complex. 05 wolves in sheep's clothing Hard to love someone, make a person love more difficult. Day to distant relative, elusive. Anxious heart, but difficult in action. Silently waiting to eat dirt, all at the expense of losing nature. 06 who love you in the end Butterfly flower drunk, but the wind flower fly, and why I love people who do not love me? Tragic love story, to give time to time there are hazy in love with the people ... ... 07 Qianqianquege Warm the heater leads every cell of the body, the beauty of the moment because you were me ... what month, only part of each night. 08 sudden self- Much love to have this life? Time is over no more. If you really love someone, let him have their own piece of the sky bar. I was just happy he was happy. 09 Take me to your heart close Intimate look at is a very common words, but contains the world's most beautiful words, people who cherish the present, little more concerned about some of the requirements, two hearts blend together. 10 Acacia 11 edge 12 red beans 13 myths