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Cuisine for entertainment (Chinese/English translation) - (WQ0P)

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Cuisine for entertainment (Chinese/English translation) : Paperback: 63pagesPublisher: Hanxiang CultureLanguage: English, ChineseISBN: 9867299495Product Dimensions: 10.1 x8.25 x 0.2 inchesAuthor: Zeng SumeiContent: 1. Deep-fired Fish Filet. 2. Boiled Tofu. 3. Stewed Three Kinds Something with Spices.4. Black Mushrooms with Oyster Oil. 5. Pearl Scallops with Sweet Pepper. 6. Beef Spareribs with Black Pepper Sauce. 7. Rice Cake with Crabs. 8. Stir-fried Chicken with X.O. Sauce. 9. Stewed Black Mushroom and Eggplant. 10. Stir-fried Beef with Onion. 11. Meat Balls with Sea Cucumber. 12. Sweet and Sour Fish. 13. Stewed Shark???s Fin with Napa Cabbage. 14. Japanese Rids. 15. Chicken and Shark???s Fin Soup. 16. Stir-fired Squid. 17. Deep-fry Shrimp. 18.Srir-fry Cattle Tendon with Black Mushrooms, etc..