Crane Wing Broadswords (WMB2)

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Two Crane Wing Broadswords is a unique style south Wushu weapon in Yongchun Bai He Quan. It is about 50cm long, about 1kg together. The armguard hook and the loop are called Taizi Shou. Because the broadsword looks like the crane wing, so it is called Two Crane Wing Broadswords. Two Crane Wing Broadswords are the practical short weapon that you can easily carry, agilely use. There are some broadsword techniques, such as, hook, hack, mop, chisel, chop, pare, point, twine, draw, stir, thrust, stab, protrude, block, cut, twist, extend, press, twine the head and wrap the brain, brandish the broadsword, and so on. During the movement, there are so many the techniques, both with attack and defence. Normally, the broadsword handle is held in reverse. Stick the broadsword back with the forearm, then attack and defend, in another way, take the opponent??s weapons without his consciousness as well.