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Chinese TV Series: The Eagle Shooting Heroes - 50 Episodes (Chinese Only, NO ENGLISH)(WXBJ)

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Chinese TV Series: The Eagle Shooting Heroes - 50 Episodes (Chinese Only, NO ENGLISH) : One of Jin Yong's most beloved martial arts stories comes to screen again in the highly anticipated new drama The Eagle Shooting Heroes. The Eagle Shooting Heroes is produced by Lee Kwok Lap, director of the popular trendy period drama Chinese Paladin which first launched leading man Hu Ge to fame. Forced to flee the Central Kingdom after troops wiped out their village, Guo Jing and his mother settle in the Mongolian grasslands with a tribe led by Genghis Khan. Their quiet life on the steppes is interrupted one day by seven strange masters from the south who have come to take Guo Jing as their pupil. Eighteen years later, Guo Jing (Hu Ge) is now skilled in martial arts, but still every bit as naive and kindhearted as he was as a child. On his masters' orders, Guo Jing leaves the grasslands for the first time and encounters the cute and crafty Huang Rong (Ariel Lin). Together they embark on an epic adventure of myriad dangers and fateful encounters. The Eagle Shooting Heroes brings together a star-studded ensemble cast from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong including Yuan Hong (The Young Warriors) as Guo Jing's cunning sworn brother Yang Kang, Cecilia Liu Shishi as Mu Nian Ci, Leung Ka Yan as North Beggar Hong Qigong, Elvis Tsui as the power-hungry Ouyang Feng, and Kathy Chau as Yang Kang's mother Bao Xiruo. The most exciting addition though is probably the casting of acclaimed Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong as eccentric martial arts master Huang Yaoshi.