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Chinese Medicinal Food 3 in Summer - (WQ10)

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Chinese Medicinal Food 3 in Summer : (1 DVD 48minutes, all region, with Chinese & English Subtitles) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy boast of a long history and enjoy perpetual fame. And Chinese medicinal food integrated with Chinese medicine and Chinese food based on the theory of Yin and Yang as well as the Five Elements enjoys the most fame. Content: 1.Goldthread Root with String Bean. 2. Cowpea with Coix See. 3.Akebi with White Gourd. 4. Decoction of Plantain and Bamboo Parasitic Fungus. 5.Honeysuckle with Chicken Soup . 6.Silver Carp with Panax Notoginseng 7. Achyranthes Root with Tendon. 8.Duck with Aweto. 9. Pilous Antle with Bean Curd. 10.Stewed Sleeve-fish with Lotus Root. 11.Pork Heart with Polygonatum 12. Eel with Radices Rechmanniae.