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飞行棋 Chinese Magnet Flight (Flying) Chess (WXJP)

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飞行棋 Xian Xing Zhe Chinese Magnet Flight (Flying) Chess (Feixing qi) : Flight (Flying) Chess is a simple Chinese board game. The object is to get all your plane pieces into the base of your color in the center of the map. Each player has 4 planes in their starting base. Each turn you roll the die and move one plane of your color on the board. To get your planes out of your base and onto the board you must roll a 6. You get an extra turn whenever you roll a 6. If your plane happens to end up on top of another person's plane, that person's plane must go back to their base until he or she rolls a 6 again to get it out onto the board. On the board there are colored spaces that coincide with each player. If you land on your own color, you can immediately jump to the next block of your color. There are also certain colored squares that offer shortcuts across the board. You may only use the shortcuts that coincide with your color. If you land on a colored square and subsequently jump to a shortcut square, you may also take the shortcut (essentially jumping twice in one turn). If you ever land on your own piece, you may "stack" the pieces and move them as one piece until they reach the center or are landed on by an opponent and sent back as individuals. The first player to get all of their planes to the center of the board wins, and the rest play until there is only 1 loser. To land in the center of the board, you must roll the exact amount of spaces. It is very similar to Pachisi and especially Aggravation. There is no indication of a specific designer or publisher as the game is a classic from China, so it is now probably a public domain game. As is the case for Go, there are different packages for it with different colored/designed pieces