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Chinese Folk Classics - The Best Collection w/ Pipa, Guzheng, Guqin, Dizi (4CD) - (WY48)

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Chinese Folk Classics - The Best Collection w/ Pipa, Guzheng, Guqin, Dizi (4CD) : DISC 1 GUZHENG 01 The Butterfly Loves 02 The Mountain And Flowing Water 03 Coloured Cloud Chasing The Moon 04 Fishing Boat In The Sunset 05 The Water Lilies 06 Autumn Moon Over Han Palace 07 The Three Movements Of Plum Blossom Tune 08 Lincong Run Fast At Night 09 Rainy Night On Banana Panel 10 Noisy In Rice Glue Ball 11 Chinsan Song 12 Sihe As Your Wish 13 Embroider The Golden Plaque 14 Dinu Flower DISC 2 Flute 01 Heading For Suzhou 02 The Morning Of Miaoling 03 Wubang Tune 04 Quiet Orchis Meet The Spring 05 Three Five Seven 06 Meet Pleased 07 Little Catile Cattle-Breeding 08 The Bufferfly Lover 09 Celebrating Rich Harvest 10 Mongolian Pastoral Song 11 Oriole Soaring 12 Jebel Song 13 Autumn's Thought In Trousseau Stage 14 Chin River Express His Mind DISC 3 Pipa 01 Ambush On All Sides 02 The Great Waves 03 The Lofty Moon 04 The Crazy Dancing Golden Snake 05 White Snow In Spring 06 Overlord Lay Down His Shel 07 Pipa Conect Beyond The Frontier 08 Great River Easting 09 Flute And drum At Sunset 10 Changmen Complain DISC 4 GuQin 01 The Guangline Tune 02 Three Times In Yanguan 03 The Mountain And Flowing Water 04 Go Away From Depression 05 The Wild Goose Fall In Pinsha 06 Changmen Complain 07 Wine Crazy 08 Ainai 09 Fancang Waves 10 The Water And Cloud In Xiaoxiang 11 Pestling Clothes