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China's New Achievements in Orthopedic Surgery - (WH05)

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China's New Achievements in Orthopedic Surgery : ISBN 7-80005-144-7 Binding: Hardcover, 216 Pages, 270mm x 195mm ( 8 x 11 in ) New World Press Beijing China's New Achievements in Orthopaedic Surgery Author: Feng Chuanhan B.S., M.D. Chen Baoxing M.D. Gare LeCompte M.D. (hc), Ph.D. This book is a symposium of 28 articles by leading Chinese authors, reflecting the progress in orthopaedic surgery and research in China. The contents cover the following area: Spinal surgery with idiopathic scoliosis & cervical spondylosis in particular; Biomechanics & renovated designs of implants for internal fixation of fractures; Interesting topics in general orthopaedics, including new approach to causalgia & nerve defect bridging, investigation on repair & regeneration of knee menisci & the evolution of discoid menisci, & endemic disorders like fluorosis with spinal cord compression & dendrolimus arthritis; Hand surgery & podiatry; Basic research on giant cell tumour of bone, cellular activities in fracture healing, inductive osteogenesis biomaterials, collagen in cartilage forming tumours & oxygen free radicals in osteoarthritis. Most of the articles in this work have been presented in international forums & have won wide recognition. All articles are appropriately illustrated.