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China Stamps - 2003-13, Scott 3289 Kongtong Mountain - S/S - MNH, F-VF - (9328B)

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China Stamps - 2003-13, Scott 3289 Kongtong Mountain - S/S - MNH, F-VF : The Kongtong Mountain, located west of the city of Pingliang, Gansu Province, is a pair of the Liupanshan Mountains. The meandering, imposing mountain with rich vegetation provides a magnificent view. The Jing River rises from here. The Emerald Screen Peak, 2100 metres high above sea level, is the highest peak in the mountain. The mountain has five "terraces", one in the center, and the rest in the east, west south and north respectively. The one in the middle is higher than the other four. The mountain boasts a lot of temples and palaces, among other spots of interests. It is said that an immortal named Guangcheng Zi once lived in a stone cave in the mountain, and the Yellow Emperor once came here to hear his preaching. So it is one of the birthplaces of Taoism in China. The first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty visited this mountain, and historical sites of later dynasties are found here. With the magnificence peculiar to the northern mountain and elegance of the southern mountains, the Kongtong Mountain is a famous place of tourism in eastern Gansu.