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China Stamps - 1991, T163 , Scott 2342-45 Mount Hengshan, one First Day Cover Hengshan postmarked, F-VF - (9234D)

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China Stamps - 1991, T163 , Scott 2342-45 Mount Hengshan, one First Day Cover Hengshan postmarked, F-VF : Hengshan Mountain is located in Hunyuan County of Shanxi Province in northern China. It is the Northern Mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains. Boasting 108 peaks and spanning 150 kilometers, it has an average elevation of 2,017 meters. The Tianfeng Peak, the highest peak, is 2,190 meters above sea level, the highest among the Five Sacred Mountains.Legend has it that 4,000 years ago when King Shun visited the mountain and saw the lofty peaks, he named it the "Northern Sacred Mountain". During the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC), Emperor Shihuang named 12 famous mountains, and Hengshan Mountain was regarded as the "Second Mountain in the World". In ancient times, many emperors and celebrities visited Hengshan Mountain and left quite a lot of stone inscriptions of poems.Hengshan Mountain is famous for steepy ridges, splendid peaks, exotic-shaped temples, and gushing fountains, together with oddly-shaped stones and forests of ancient trees, which constitute a beautiful landscape.It is called "The First Mountain Guarding the North Borders", depicting its magnitude and wonder. The mountain links with the Taihang Mountain Range in the east, and to the north it faces the vast expanse of a plateau, thus forming a natural screen for Shanxi Province. The Great Wall winds up the mountain, forming many ancient strategic passes; thus, passes, ancient castles and beacon towers constitute a unique landscape differing from that of the other four mountains.Hengshan Mountain is a very good summer resort. It has a semi-arid continental climate, with cold winter, dry and windy spring, humid summer and sunny but short autumn. It has an annual temperature of 6.1oC -- the hottest month, July, averaging 21.6oC and the coldest month, January, 12oC.