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Cheng Style Eight Trigram Palm Swimming Body Series [Sword] - (WM67)

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Cheng Style Eight Trigram Palm Swimming Body Series [Sword] : Speaker: Sun Zhijun (The fourth generation of Eight Trigram Palm, with nine degrees in China Martial Art ) The leading spirit of Eight Trigram Palm in Cheng Style in morden timesPerformer: Li Chunling (The fifth generation of Eight Trigram Palm and closest disciple of Sun Zhijun ) Chinses Martial Arts 6th Dan, The All-round Champion of International Martial Arts Competition Eight Trigram Sword Commonly the length of Eight Trigram Sword is 126cm, in which the blade is 99cm and the grip is 27cm. As one of the main weapons of Eight Trigram Palm School, it emphasizes the mind, not the power, as the mind can transfer the Qi which can move the body. Using the mind to move the sword, so the sword would go with the body and the step would follow the sword, that???s what called United Human with Sword. The Body Skills, Step Skills and Mind Skills of it are just like those of the Eight Trigram Palm, therefore, it???s said that the training of the weapons of Eight Trigram School is a way to extend the arms in Eight Trigram Palm.