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Cheng Style Eight Trigram Palm Swimming Body Series [Double Spear] - (WM65)

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Cheng Style Eight Trigram Palm Swimming Body Series [Double Spear] : Speaker: Sun Zhijun (The fourth generation of Eight Trigram Palm, with nine degrees in China Martial Art ) The leading spirit of Eight Trigram Palm in Cheng Style in morden timesPerformer: Li Chunling (The fifth generation of Eight Trigram Palm and closest disciple of Sun Zhijun ) Chinses Martial Arts 6th Dan, The All-round Champion of International Martial Arts Competition Eight Trigram Double Spear In Eight Trigram Double Spear, the body is just like the swimming dragon, the spear pole is the commander, and the spear point is the pioneer. Focusing on the waist and crotch, move the body and the weapon together, the opponent in long distance is the target, the spear and the mind can be united together. It helps you to move like the dragon in sea, quickly and secretly, hiding the excellent spear skill, hanging and splitting with Linked Double-head Snake to form the features of Double-head Snake in Jin School.