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Cheng Style Eight Trigram Palm Swimming Body Series [Basic Train] (WMCJ)

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Speaker: Sun Zhijun (The fourth generation of Eight Trigram Palm, with nine degrees in China Martial Art ) The leading spirit of Eight Trigram Palm in Cheng Style in morden times

Performer: Li Chunling (The fifth generation of Eight Trigram Palm and closest disciple of Sun Zhijun ) Chinses Martial Arts 6th Dan, The All-round Champion of International Martial Arts Competition

Basic Training

The basic trainings of Swimming Body Eight Trigram Palm are Standing on stakes and Walking Step, the basic moving type of it is walking along a circle and the basic Step Skills of it are Buckle Step And Walking Dust Step. The palm types can be Dragon Talon Palm and Cow Tongue Palm while the main attacking ways are Pushing, Holding, Moving, Buckling, Splitting, Stepping, Lifting, Picking, Penetrating, and Pointing. The main Palm Skills are Eight Single Turning Palms, Eight Mother Palms and Eight Trigram Swimming Body Linked Palm