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Calcanodynia (Heel Pain) - (WK3F)

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Calcanodynia (Heel Pain) : Chinese Medical Massage is one branch of The Chinese Medical care. It has unique and marvelous effect. With the hand forms of Press, knead, push, seize, point, press, pinch, it can stimulate the related points of the body, improve the circulation of the blood, and the metabolism, so as to eliminate the tiredness, cure the disease and strengthen the body, keep fit and extend the process of aging, and prolong life. With its agile usage, simple manner, safety and practicality, it is honored "Green Treatment".By massaging the related acupoints on the foot to cure heel pain,it can smooth the qi and the veins relieve swelling and pian. At the same time,with the aid of the video,it can ease or eliminate the heel pain symptoms because of pressure or tire.