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Biao Zhi - Yong Chun Quan - (WM3N)

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Biao Zhi - Yong Chun Quan : The major feature of Biao Zhi is to change the movements of Yong Chun Quan as a round body in the mind. Its main hand methods are: There Cover Elbow, attach, feel, swing, stroke and Biao Zhi Hand, etc. Which is the advanced series of Yong Chun Quan.Yong Chun Quan is an unusual branch of the material art of Southern Boxing, it is one of the material arts under the Nation???s excavation and protection. It was Bruce Lee who introduced Yong Chun Quan to the whole world, while our revered Mr. Peng Nan in Foshan, Guangdong Province has developed Yong Chun Quan to a height to hold the visible in the invisible to his inclinations. Yong Chun Quan is of the internal exercises, each style movement comes out of the internal force, tide comes from the mind, and it thrusts the force, thus the Mind, Tide and Force join together, so it is very practical in boxing fight.