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Basic Skill of Dart Finger (Biaozhi) - Yongchun Quan Series - (WM4Q)

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Basic Skill of Dart Finger (Biaozhi) - Yongchun Quan Series : Dart Finger is the intermediate routine in Yongchun. Inheriting the basic techniques of attack and defence of Xiao Nian Tou, changing horse-stance and different techniques of both hands, it makes full use of the power of horse-stance wrist and the bridge. In this routine, techniques include both short range and mid-range combat and also the long range attack techniques. During practice, make sure that you are relaxed and flexible, like a spring or cane------seems to be light and soft, but actually powerful and aggressive. Through the employment of Lin Rui Wen's "Ban Chan Zhi",your fingers will be overwhelming and full of power.