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Basic Chinese - Volume 2 [Textbook + CD-ROM] - (WL0U)

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Basic Chinese - Volume 2 [Textbook + CD-ROM] : Paperback Publisher: Beijing Languages and Culture University Press Language: Chinese, English, Chinese Pinyin ISBN-10: 7900689206 ISBN-13: 978-7900689207.Basic Chinese is an integrated course co-developed by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Cattsoft, Inc. for Chinese beginners and learners without any previous knowledge of Chinese. Practical dialogues are designed to help learners learn Chinese in simulated real life situations. All the dialogues, grammar explanations and knowledge notes are annotated in English to make it accessible to non-native Chinese learners. Pronunciation and grammars are explained in comparison with English. "Fun in Knowledge" column gives a comprehensive introduction to social, historical and cultural knowledge about China. The multimedia CD-ROM enables better interactions between teaching and learning, providing convenience for online distant learning and self-study outside class.Sentence Patterns contains the main texts in each lesson. New words includes all the words and phrases that are learned in the lesson. Exercise has a variety of practices on what have been learned. Grammar offers explanations on key grammar points. Knowledge corner is an interesting place for students to learn about China and the Chinese culture. This book provides a fast and effective way for beginners to learn Chinese. Both school students who are taking Chinese classes regularly and people who want to learn Chinese through self study will find it is a great asset.